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Multiplayer online games have become one of the trending things at present. Among those games brawl stars pc game is also among the trending of battle royale. You can download and play the latest version of this different game in your Windows 7 computer and in your android mobile devices. Brawl Stars was developed by supercell who also created some powerful super games like clash of clans , clash royale for the gaming generation.

Brawl stars is a multiplayer firearm game in which applicants fight each other in many competitive modes having different objectives that ranges from last brawler to assembling the highest diamonds. Brawl stars for pc also consists of a huge collection of playable characters. Gamers can select between brawler's characters in order to unlock via boxes, the trophy road, the brawl pass or bought through the shop to fight.

Brawl stars is a 3v3 and a battle royal game that is available for android and iOS mobile. You have the possibility to play this game with your friends and even individually. Many game modes are available so you wont feel bored. As you play the brawl stars game on your pc or mobile and if you collect more points you will be able to upgrade your brawlers.

Brawlers with strong super abilities , gadgets and star powers are also available. You have the ability to collect unique skins that are available while you are playing brawl stars pc download game.

Brawl stars pc download game app info

Developer: SuperCell
App Size: 177MB
Version: 36.253
Requirements: Windows 7.8. or 10 version

Brawl star pc windows / laptop game features

brawl stars apk download
  • Given below are some interesting features of brawl stars for pc game version.
  • Many modes are included in the game as in gem grab, heist, bounty, brawl ball, showdown.
  • You can unlock and upgrade lot of new brawlers features.
  • You have the chance to customize the bawlers in the game with the many unlockable skins that you can collect in the game.
  • You can play brawl stars pc games with your team members for real time 3v3 battles against players across the world. In the battle you and your team mates can work together in order to conquer your opponent and also you can use various skills to aid the success of one another.
  • In brawl stars on pc in-game new events and game modes are available regularly , so you will be able to unlock them with battle.
  • Brawl stars on pc game you have six currencies and figurines as in coins, gems, tokens, tickets, star tokens, and power points.
  • Brawl stars PC game is free to install and play and you will have the chance to buy many game items for actual money.
  • The metric aspect will change the match format and apply it on the attack or match game enemies level.
  • The red control choice on the right side of the display has the ability to to control the track of your spells.
  • Some restricted time events as in graveyard shift, hot zone and present plunder are also available in brawl stars pc game.

Download Brawl Stars APK

The best windows brawl stars game pro tips

  1. How to max your brawlers fast in the game?
  2. In order to max your brawlers fast you need to play with your club or friends in the 3v3 modes such as in gem grab, bounty, bawl ball and heist.

  3. How to pick the right club in the game?
  4. To pick the right club, first you should make sure whether the club is active and also you should not join a club that has a lot of players with more trophies than you. This is because if you are playing with your club and your friends , the matchmaking will mostly look at the best player your team and will give opponents from the opposing team who are similar to the level of the highest trophy player in your team. So if you play against tougher opponents you will not be able to win at a high rate and you will move up very slowly.

  5. Have a gem carrier always
  6. In order to win in gems grab you need to have one player who play the role of the gem carrier. And he will be the person who controls the middle of the map and is trusted to safely pick up gems and not to die with them.

  7. How to survive bounty game mode?
  8. In bounty you don't want to die. So the best brawlers that you can use in bounty are the brawlers with the best range , as in brock, penny , piper, shelly and boo. In order to win in bounty you should not only kill but also you should be able to escape safely or stay alive after you have obtained that kill. So always make sure to take your time and recover back to full HP whenever you are in a low level.

  9. How to win heist mode
  10. In the heist mode what you should do is to destroy the enemy safe or to deal more damage to it. Mostly you need to have a shelly, barley or dynamike on your team as they will provide amazing area control when they are shooting behind walls. Also it is good if you have a tank such as bull, el primo on your team.

  11. How to stay alive in brawl ball?
  12. If you are a beginner always try to have an EI primo on your team. EI primo is the best brawlers to use in braw ball as he is very powerful as he can jump forward enemies or can score easily. He can also be considered as one of the best ball handlers as he has a high amount of HP which will allow him to take a big amount of damage and to easily walk to the goal with the ball.

Download Brawl stars for pc windows /laptop apps

As brawl stars is a game mode that is originally designed for mobiles and tablets , you will not be able to play brawl stars on pc apps directly. So as a result of that you need to install an android emulator apps on your pc and play brawl stars game through the android emulator apps . So with the android emulator you will get the chance to play brawl stars game on windows xp/7/8/10 and macOS.

brawl stars apk for pc

Method 1: Download and install brawl stars on pc using LD player

LD player is the most lightweight android emulator for pc. LD player can be considered as the best to install brawl stars on pc because of its newly updating features.

Why play brawl stars for pc using LDplayer?

Its extremely easy to Download and install brawl stars pc game. It is 100% free to download. You have the opportunity to customize the CPU, ram and screen resolution of the app according to your preference. It consists of the perfect keymapping in order to play brawl stars for pc game. The built -in streaming feature in ld player offers you to steam brawl stars matches on either Facebook and twitch with one click.

Download LD player to play brawl stars


  1. As the first method, download Ld player to your pc and get the brawl stars installation.
  2. Then go to system apps and open google playstore search, brawl stars to download brawl stars latest version to your windows 7/8 or 10 version.
  3. after that sign in using your google id. If you do not have a google id then sign up and create one.
  4. Then search for brawl stars and install and play the battle royale in your ld player.

Method 2: Download brawl stars pc game through bluestacks Android Emulator


  1. As the second method of installation download the bluestacks android emulator from the official website, install it to your pc and then complete the google sign in process.
  2. Next you must open the play store and search for the brawler stars game on pc. make sure to select the official app.
  3. Then click on the install button and brawl star will automatically start installing on your emulator.
  4. After the game is installed you will be able to see the brawl stars icon on your desktop. You should click on it to start the app.

Method 3: Install brawl star pc multiplayer apk file on your pc (windows)

Sometimes when you are trying to download brawl stars game from the play store an error may occur. So as the third method you can use the apk file of the game and install it on the emulator.


  1. First you need to download , install and open the android emulator and complete all the steps.
  2. You can skip the google sign in option as you are going to use the apk file of brawl stars to install the game.
  3. Then get the apk file , drag and drop the file on the android emulator in order to start the installation process.
  4. Then it will start the installation process of Brawl Stars on pc like you install the game on your android devices.
  5. After it is installed you will be able to use the multiplayer action game on pc.

So to conclude , the newest supercell game brawl stars pc multiplayer can be considered as the best of all multi player games because of its powerful features and game modes as brawl ball and many other. So try the brawl stars download and it will be your most favorite game of all time.

Download Brawl Stars APK Free

Download Brawl Stars APK